Email stopped sending - no logs also?

I’m having what I consider to be a strange issue. For several weeks my emails stopped sending from self-hosted v5. I have installed a few updates in hopes that it was something there. I’m currently on latest 5.5.65. I am running this on Ubuntu 22.04 as a manual install (zip). I also have no info in the logs. I’m not certain, but it seems to me that ninja is not even writing to invoiceninja.log. I switch on APP_DEBUG and ran php artisan optimize and still nothing. My last log entry is from 12/31/22. I created a backup of the log file and created a new log file to see if there was something silly going on but still no luck. All the permissions are www-data:www-data.

Other than the emails no longer sending and nothing in the logs, everything else seems to work correctly. The laravel.log only displays what looks to me like html - I could be wrong on the syntax. I also tried php artisan migrate without any change. I’m not sure where to go from here. Any help would be great. Please let me know what other info you need, and I will be happy to post it promptly.


Have you seen the info here? There may be more details in the system logs on the dashboard.


Yes, I have double checked all the email settings in .env file. Nothing has changed. I also set a new app password the other day just to be sure. The last detail in the system logs on the dashboard is “PDF Success” from 12/06/22. I have produced more invoices since that time.

Also, like I mentioned, I don’t see any errors in the laravel.log file either.

Also, on the link you sent, it mentions checking the queue jobs in the database. How would I go about that? I’m not very familiar with navigating db.

Are you using the queue?

It is enabled in my .env QUEUE_CONNECTION=database

Have you added the queue:work cron?

I did not have this cron setup. It is now and appears to be working! I wonder why it worked prior??

Thank you for your help @hillel!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

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