Email notification missing image or title

Anyone know what I’m missing to cause this missing image/text in the email notification?

email notification

I’m not sure, I’m not able to replicate the problem.

Is your logo appearing correctly on the PDF and on the dashboard in the client portal?

Also, are you self hosting or using If self-hosting which version?

Self hosted. The logo shows up on iOS mail, but not in Mac mail. Used postmark app.

Using 2.5*

Maybe try a different image format, if you’re using PNG try JPEG or visa-versa.

Could it be related to this:

It’s not just the logo image that isn’t displaying properly. Please look at this screenshot of my email notification in Mac Mail. I’m assuming there should be logos at the bottom, where facebook, twitter, and github are linked.

Mac Mail

Everything is professional looking, except missing images in email :frowning:

After researching this problem further I’m not sure there’s a perfect solution to including images in an email.

Keep in mind the email above is only sent to users, we don’t include our social links in emails sent to your clients.

Thank you for your quick response! I’m really interested in the extra features of the Pro version. Is there a way to eliminate the main logo in email notifications, but retain it in the invoice design? Particularly, the dark enhanced email template, not the text-only option.

If you’re self hosting you could manually remove it from the code.

I am not self hosted. I’m planning to use your service and pay $50/year for Pro. If I want to send my own emails instead, where do I get the invoice link? Thank you.

You can click ‘View as recipient’ on the edit invoice page to get the client’s invoice link.

Thank you! That did the trick!

I’m having the same problem. Emails generated from within InvoiceNinja (NOT self-hosted) do not display the logo (viewed in Mac Mail app).

It seems to work if I turn on the option for attaching the invoice as a PDF… but I don’t want to have to do that, since having that attachment will increase the likelihood that the email will get flagged as SPAM.

Thoughts? Ideas?

We’ve heard reports from other user having trouble with images in Mac Mail, we don’t currently have a solution for it. Many of our users attach the PDF to their emails, we haven’t seen it cause emails to be flagged as spam.

Thanks Hillel. Seems to be some issue with the inline reference to attached images… Apple Mail doesn’t want to “play nice” with them. They do seem to work in web-based email clients, though.

If you ever have something to test to try to resolve the issue… I’m more than willing to be a guinea pig.


This post provides a good write up on the possible approaches, we use CID embedded images.

Changing image format may work. .img, .jpeg, .jpg etc.