Email not working - freshly installed system

I have a freshly installed InvoiceNinja Turnkey Linux Server. I configured the env with all the correct information in regards to my email SMTP server:

MAIL_HOST=mail company io
MAIL_USERNAME=noreply@company com
MAIL_FROM_NAME=‘Company - InvoiceNinja’
MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS=noreply@company com
MAIL_PASSWORD=[Correct password]

then I ran these commands:
‘php artisan config:cache’
‘php artisan config:clear’
‘php artisan optimize’

Also ‘Activity’ doesn’t show anything, nor does System Logs. It’s literally empty, I don’t know why.
ALSO, ALSO: I cannot put the dots inside the domains for the email or smtp host because ‘New users can’t put more than two links’, despite them not being links. Just pretend there’s dots between the spaces of com, io, mail, etc


It sounds like your queue is not running. in your .env file change QUEUE_CONNECTION=database to QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync and update the config and then try again, this will at the very least give you an error message in the logs.

It works! Thank so you much for helping. Why does it say ‘database’ instead of ‘sync’ by default, I wonder. I don’t understand why that’s there if it’s just going to cause issues.

I still have issues with PDFs to resolve. The only way I can see the PDFs is if I have hosted_ninja set, and I use the React version of the server. Otherwise, I cannot view those PDFs. I assume I should probably open another thread for that.