Email Design Template


when i write a text in the email templates and send it, the text have no format, but when i format it with a html-editor, the email is showed in html in the mail program. When i open it, it looks correctly.

How is it correct to set the email template, that the costumer receive it correctly and is it possible to put in a gif in the signature?


@ben any thoughts?

Hey there,

If you can provide which text you used or at least how it looks like in the admin panel, that’d be awesome.


Hey :slight_smile:

first i got this text in my template:

and it should look like this:

(i dont know why i have now in my Invoice Desing and on the emails the text of invoice ninja, because my license should work until 15.04.2021 but this is another thing)

but it looks like this:

Now i changed the text to this:

and the email looks correctly but when i receive it on my iphone, it looks like this:

i dont know how to change it, that <!DOCTYPE html … etc. is in the email.


and this <!DOCTYPE thing is in every mail

Thanks so much for the examples, we’ll look into fixing those asap :+1: