Email automation and status correlation

There are other posts about this and I do have a feature request for enhancements on email functionality and invoice status changing but I wanted to discuss again. I don’t blame the app in my case but for whatever reason google smtp-relay likes to fail at relaying my IN emails at seemingly random times.

My frustration is that IN marks invoices as sent regardless of a successful email delivery. It would be so nice if the invoice status remained in draft or some other state (red icon denoting issue) when emails failed. The IN system can tell me when there are failures so it seems invoice status’ could be checked against that. If no smtp error for that email in X minutes change status to sent…If smtp error related to sending invoice 999, set status to NOT SENT or whatever.

Icing on this would be additional settings for scheduled emails. Set retries X minutes after failed send, randomize send times etc.

As it is now I have to keep checking invoice ninja recent activity and monitor which emails fail and manually resent the invoices until they finally go through. If others would like to see improvements related to this head over to the IN github page and comment in support :slight_smile:


We can definitely look into making this clearer in the app.

@david does the app send an email notification if the send fails?

You may be hitting a 429 with Google if your sending rates are too high. GMail does limit the rate and quantity which can be sent.

In self hosted applications, once the email is passed into the SMTP server. We have no mechanism to know about a success/failure.

When using queue’s, the system will attempt delivery 4 times (at varying backoff intervals)

If you are using queue’s the system should also be updating the activity logs with sending failure AND also emailing a failed notification…

HOWEVER there is a catch 22 here in that if we are using the same SMTP to send client emails and notifications, then most likely the notification emails will not reach you either due to the same reasons client emails are not sending…

It’s only 6 invoices and I have never received any email notification from the app when failures occur. Without any smtp config changes resending works and usually only have to resend a second time later without issue.

Is there some config I can check regarding the retries? When I get these failure notices in the app it’s within 1-3 minutes. That doesn’t seem like long enough for retries. I struggled today having to resend numerous times throughout the day and finally by this evening I was able to get all…6…invoices sent out. And every person reported they landed in spam/junk which is not typical of past invoices sent.