Elastic email - Cloudways

Hi there,

I am finally shifting over from a shared hosting to VPS running on Cloudways. I was able to copy my invoice install and dbs and reimported the dbs and updated the dbs string and all is well (shocking I got that to work).

Cloudways has a elastic smtp email which I enabled which it provides a API key. Has anyone gotten this to work with their env file? On my old share hosting I was using their smtp email platform which worked np. I am trying to avoid creating a full blow smtp mailbox as Cloudways doesn’t offer this unless you subscribe to their addon to rackspace for email.

Thank you


Have you tried setting the API key as the username and password?

Hey @hillel,

Thanks for the reply. I did try the API key as the username and password still no go. I am little confused though because here is what a sample env file looks like part of the invoice ninja:

MAIL_FROM_NAME=‘Self Hosted User’

Should I be replacing MAIL_MAILER to MAIL_Driver etc as shown in the link you sent? Also when I was using SMTP part of my shared hosting, all entries had “” so for example this is what my env file use to look like when I was using SMTP and it was working great.


Please note, I dont have a Laravel Server deployed on cloudways but I was under the impression it was not required if I used the API keys.


MAIL_MAILER is the correct value. It’s a best practice to always use quotes but it’s only really needed if the value has a space in it.

I shared that link because the app itself is built with Laravel, I had searched for “laravel elastic smtp email”.

Apologies for the delay, thanks for the reply @hillel. So the API as the username and password did work eventually after I cleared the cache within settings and logged out and back into the app. I am still trying to figure out the spam issue with invoices/quotes etc being sent to Gmail are landing in the spam folder but emails being sent to a outlook address are working fine. I know there are a lot of thread on invoices landing in the spam folder etc. I am contact with elastic support trying to see if they are willing to provide me with another group of IPs for my elastic email in case google is seeing them as blacklisted.

The weird issue is I never had this issue when I was running this one a shared hosting and using the native smtp setup that comes with a shared hosting plan.


I suggest sending an invoice to https://www.mail-tester.com to check for any issues.