Effort per day?

Hi, I’m using v4.5.12, self-hosted. I like to track how many billable hours I’ve put in per day, or week. So far, I haven’t figured out a way to do this with Invoice Ninja.

I can view a report of tasks, but it connects all hours to the start date. So if I start a task on Monday, put in 30 minutes, then resume on Tuesday, putting in 7 hours, the report will show 7 hours and 30 minutes worth of activity for Monday.

Is there any way I can generate a report that will accurately show me the hours I’ve clocked today?

If you’re using the code from GitHub I believe the develop branch has an additional ‘task times’ report with this data.

That’s great. Thanks for the reply.

It looks like the develop branch is ahead of master by 108 commits, and behind by 74. I’m hesitant to switch from Master to something that might be unstable.

Is there a way to predict when the feature will make its way into the release cycle? I can live without this feature if it’s only for a few weeks.

Not for a very long time.

Our current focus is v2, we need to reimplement all features before we add any new ones.

OK. What is the risk to using the develop branch with for day-to-day freelancing?

There may be more bugs?

OK, I archived my Invoice ninja installation, checked out the ‘develop’ branch from github, but I don’t see ‘task times’ as an option under the report dropdown.

That may not be the exact name

The options are Activity, Aging, Client, Credit, Document, Expense, Invoice, Payment, Product, Profit and Loss, Task, Task Details, Tax Rate, and Quote.

From what I can tell, the only difference between ‘task’ and ‘task details’ is that ‘task details’ includes a column called ‘time log’ that shows all the dates and times associated with a task, as a comma-delimited list. So I don’t think any of these options show task times.

Maybe there’s a way I can interact with the API to get a log of task times?

‘Task Details’ is the report I was referring to.

Yes, you can access the time details using the API.