Edit PO to include customer info

Many of our orders are drop shipped directly to our customers. For purchase orders, we have to include customer name and shipping address. Is there an easy way to add this info to purchase orders?

For example, if I clone an invoice for a customer into a PO for an order that will be shipped to that customer, is there a way to also clone over the customer information to the PO without having to manually fill this in?



If you clone an invoice to a PO it will be automatically assigned to the client.

@david what’s the best way to ensure the client details are shown?


You can use the Public Notes section of the invoice to include the customer shipping details, this will then be transferred over to the PO when converted.

@david This means for each customer, I have to navigate to the client, copy their address, and then navigate back to the invoice and paste this into public notes. Too much extra work. If the PO is automatically assigned to the client, is there a way to have their address information automatically populate? I’m unable to switch away from my current PO solution unless this is streamlined, and I’d really like to just use Invoice Ninja for this.

Please advise, thank you

@david can we make $client available as a variable in PO’s, ie. $client.name would show the name.

Ideally the solution will also include client address as well. Thank you

So if the purchase order is created by cloning the invoice, the client_id reference is also passed along which enables us to show any $client variables.

I’ve enabled this in the next release.

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Excellent, I’ll look forward to it. Thank you!