early payment discount


sorry for my bad english. I want to give my customers an early payment discount. For example the invoice has an amoumt of 100€, payable within 7 days 2% discount, 14 days net. I’m only able to book the payment of 100€. When I enter the real payment of 98,04€, the discount of 1,94€ is remaining an the customer sees the missing amount at his dashboard.

How can I manage this?

Have you tried setting a discount for the invoice?

Yes, but that isn’t what i want. I want to provide an discount dependent on how fast the customer pays. The invoice tells “pay 98€ withing next 7 days (2% discount) or pay within 14 days net”. Then I have to enter the amount the customer has finaly paid - and here I can’t enter the real paid amount and mark the invoice as finaly paid.
sorry can’t explain it better :-/

Sorry, it isn’t supported. You’d need to manually adjust the invoice before they pay.

Okay, I hope it will be implemented in future, this is an ordinary case in germany, called “skonto” (skonto isn’t the correct word for it, it means “discount for cash” but it is used for early payments also)

I have added a pull request to implement a feature to automatically add a discount over the remaining balance on payment creation.


Feel free to implement the changes yourself, if you are in a hurry:


Thanks for taking the time to create the PR!

Was this functionality officially added to v4? If so, how can I implement this via the API?

Sorry, this feature has not been added