Dutch/European Taxes

When will the function be implemented where you can choose whether the product price is including or excluding tax. In The Netherlands products sold to non-companies must be including tax (either 6% or 21% depending on the product).


If ‘include taxes in cost’ is disabled on Settings > Tax Rates the app supports adding exclusive or inclusive tax rates.

The problem that I am getting is when I have defined a product which is 39,95. I select this product on the invoice and than select a defined tax of 6%. This will chance the price to 37,69 and add a tax of 2,26 which is together 39,95 Euro. This is indeed correct. But when I change the number of products to 10, you would expect a total amount inlcuding Tax of 399,95 Euro but instead you get an amount of 399,51 Euro. It has something to do with the rounding up and down.

hope you can help!

Here are two possible options:

– Add an ‘Adjustment’ custom invoice surcharge to add/subtract the cent

– Increase the precision of the qty or cost