Draft invoice disappears and can't be found

Ver 5.5.78

Had an invoice saved as draft and it disappeared. Could not find it under the customer.
Created another cloned invoice from the same client and saved it. The invoice number incremented past the invoice that disappeared. Went to edit the draft invoice and after clicking edit, the invoice closed and disappeared. Again the invoice was gone. Cloned invoice again for the client and the invoice incremented past the two invoices that are gone.
Updated to ver 5.5.84 and same thing is happening. After making a clone invoice and saving/making changes. After a few minutes the draft invoice suddenly disappears.

Any ideas why this is happening?


Is there any pattern to the problem? ie. does it only affect cloned invoices?

Also, can you try searching for the invoice number on the dashboard.

Dashboard shows that it was deleted by me.

Ok I think I know what happened. The EDIT button is top right and when I clicked on it, I must have clicked that spot again which would then click the DELETE button that shows up right in the same spot. I don’t normally click randomly like that so either my mouse needs replacing or I had too much coffee yesterday and got the jitters. :coffee: