Download windows app without Microsoft Store possible?

I never ever will create a Microsoft Account. Is it possible to download the Windows client somewhere else?

Thank you…

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Sorry, the only way to download the Windows app is through the store.

updated app. now it won’t connect, is there any way to revert to old version in app store.

i agree with KSI app store is garbage. can you make an .msi installer?

is there a changelog for the windows app. which versions of app will work with what versions of invoice ninja?

I don’t believe the app store supports downloading older versions.

now the app is not showing the amount field when adding a payment.

it seems like every update breaks something that used to work.

done with it till you release a .msi install file

We found the payment amount field confused some users so we made it an optional feature, it can be enabled on Settings > Payment Settings.

We rely on the Windows Store to ensure people are running the latest version of the app.

I would welcome independent installation. You could check for a new version inside the app. Even force it by disabling the app unless updated, if that is the main reason. But the Microsoft store will make it really easy to charge for the app, like the Play Store for Android.


Thanks for the suggestion, that’s a reasonable solution.

We’ll consider this for the future.