Download Latest Update

Self hosted instance. v4.5

The upgrade documentation page has changed and I am unable to download the latest invoice ninja update. Could you please provide a http/https link to download the latest update?

Ben Manfield

Latest version should always be available at

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Is this the version that requires SSH access to run the commands to update? (composer etc?)

If you’re installing from the downloadable zip file, then yes, you generally want some form of console access. Otherwise, you’ll probably be looking at a pre-built Docker image, or using Softaculous, etc.

I dont have console access from where I normally manage the application host. Firewall rules restrict access. Was there a reason IN decided not to stop providing the other update for self hosted installations?

Disclaimer: I’m just a user, not on the dev team, etc.

As far as I know, they haven’t changed anything in how updates are provided. You should still be able to copy over the new files from the downloaded zip using cPanel, FTP or whatever else your hosting provider allows for file management, and you should also still be able to get Docker images of the newest version.

I just find using a console to be faster, as I can run one command to do everything (download the zip, extract, sync the new files to the existing folder, make sure the permissions for /ninja/storage are correct, remove the now unnecessary download, and run the update migration commands).

If you’re comfortable with using a console to get things done, you could always look into switching to a VPS, which would give you complete access to do whatever you want on your server. A lot of them are pretty comparable in price to hosting, especially for what little IN actually needs. But if not, your usual method should still work fine.

Although if you downloaded 4.5.1 yesterday, you might want to snag it again. They had a problem with the build, so the file that was available for a while wasn’t the right one.

It looks as though the revised download for 4.5.1 has fixed my issues.

Thanks for your help.