Download invoices zip file not found

When I check/select multiple invoices from the invoice table and then click “Download” I get the email with the download link but the file can’t be found.

I investigated a bit further and noticed that the temporary file is created on the public folder but is never moved to the right location to be download. I renamed that temp file to and moved it to the right location and I was able to download it from the browser and the link send by email just fine so I assumed the problem is right after finishing the zip file and can’t be moved for some reason.

I couldn’t find any related error on the storage/logs/laravel.log file


Is it possible you’re accessing the app with /public in the URL but it isn’t in the APP_URL in the .env file?

Hello. The URL is clean, only the domain. The app resides under the public_html/invoiceninja folder and the apache was configured to direct the domain to public_html/invoiceninja/public as the root. The .env is configured as APP_URL=

@david do you have any thoughts?

wouldn’t your app url also require the /public ?

No as I have pointed the apache to use public_html/invoiceninja/public as the root of the virtual server for the specific domain. The thing is that I can’t find any error anywhere. Should be this somewhere logged? Also I have searched for the file just in case is misplaced because of the paths as you suggested but it doesn’t exists on the root folder

I’m still having this issue, getting a 404 when clicking the download link. What’s the consensus of the cause/solution?

can you compare the path the system is attempting to reach with the download vs the APP_URL configured.