Down Payment Invoice - how to?


Is there a way to create a down payment invoice for advance payments?

The client already paid for the goods we don’t yet have in a warehouse. By law, we need to give him a document for the advance payment he just made and the standard Invoice when he receives the goods.

How to do it?

Thank you


I’m not sure the best option here, can you simply create an invoice and mark it as paid?

Hi Hillel.

I could, but this is not the correct approach for tax, warranty etc… Technically I should not be able to create an Invoice for the products that are not in stock.

It’s an advance payment and should be as it is according to law, I believe, in other countries as well.

Down Payment Invoice vs Proforma Invoice - Full Comparison - ISF.


Feel free to create an issue on GitHub if there’s a specific change you’d like to see implemented in the app.

Just did that. Thank you