Donations & Custom Amounts

I wanted to know if there is a way or if there are plans to add a way to allow “donations”
I found the subscriptions tab, where I could create a product to either enter a “ONE TIME PURCHASES” or a subscription. But I wanted to know if I could make a one time purchase item where the client to enter in a custom amount, that way we could use it to collect donations.
I tried just entering $0 as the item price, but it just checked it out at 0 without letting the user enter a custom amount.

Would you have any feature like this available?

Basically, I would like to set up Invoice Ninja for a Non-Profit, But we would need a way to accept custom donations, I can do it with a WordPress plugin on the main site, but it would be 100% better if it went through Invoice Ninja and logged straight into the member’s account.

You can allow overpayments in Settings > Payment settings, this will enable the end user to select how much they wish to “pay”

you’ll need to set some kind of minimum however, so start with say $1 and then the rest is up to the end user.

It doesn’t let me do that when I create a one time purchase through subscription though.

I activated over payments. It allows when I create a regular invoice, but not the one time purchase through subscription.


Ah yes, through a one time subscription it would not work.

One option would be to create multiple different “donations” and then add them to a group, this would give the user an option at checkout to switch between the different subscriptions in the group…


1, 5, 10, 20 50 etc etc

Hey, Any chance you guys thought of adding a feature like this? To allow members to pay a custom donation amount of their choosing?

Actually, we are doing some refactoring around subscriptions which should be able to give you this functionality :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you so much!!!

Just curious, any guess when you think it will be ready?


I can’t give a timeline unfortunately, needless to say I have started work on it, and it will certainly be worth the wait!!

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Awesome! Thank you!!