Domain Verification for Apple Pay with Stripe doesn't work

I configured Apple Pay in Stripe and added the domain verification in Invoice Ninja v.5.3.86.

Unfortunately Stripe can’t access the domain verification via When trying to access the URL, I also get 404-Error (The requested URL was not found on this server).

I worked around this issue by manually creating the folder “.well-known” on the webspace and uploading the file “apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association”.


Thanks for reporting this and sharing your solution!

cc @david


I think the issue here is you need to setup your virtual host to catch this particular route.

with NGINX that happens automatically, so I am assuming you are using Apache.

I am assuming you are using Apache.

You’re correct. I’m not familiar with routes and virtual hosts in Apache. Maybe InvoiceNinja could setup the virtual host automatically? Otherwise it seems easier for me to just use the manually created folder.