Does the "number" of items matter, and can I change them?

Basically, I’m wondering if items such as invoices, payments, quotes, credits, etc. can be “re-numbered” willy-nilly, without any ill effect:

So, if I added more padding and to make things “look right” went through and added leading zeros to everything…

Or if I changed numbering schemes altogether and manually “re-numbered” every credit, invoice, and payment…

And can things share the same number? (I noticed that the numbering had “auto-reset” options)


there is a constraint on the database that ensures the number column is unique per company, so the system will at the very least give you a validation error, or the database will throw an exception if you attempt to insert a duplicate number within the same company.

Okay, thanks! I may renumber some things but keep them unique then. Much appreciated @david