Does not sort correctly and doubt second page template

Hello to all.

I have deployed Invoice Ninja via docker on a Raspberry Pi and I have two queries:

  • When I access the list of invoices or quotes, they do not appear correctly sorted both ascending and descending, with respect to the invoice or quote number.

I am not using the native application, I am using the web environment.
In the native Android app it does show the order correctly.

  • The second question is about the design of the template on the second page when the first page has been completed. On this second page, the header (logo, invoice data, company data…) does not appear automatically, nor does the header of the product table. How can I make the second page the same as the first page, so that the products that do not fit on page 1 continue on page 2 together with the total amounts at the end?



Have you clicked the column header to sort by it? It doesn’t appear to be the sorted column in the screenshot. If that doesn’t fix it, and you’re using the latest available version, feel free to create an issue on GitHub: Issues · invoiceninja/ui · GitHub

Maybe this will help:

Hi @hillel

Thanks for you response.

About the sorting of the rows using the column sorting, I have previously tried using it before writing in the forum :sweat_smile:

I’ll report it on Github then.

About the multipage, I’ll have a look at the proposed solutions.

Thanks again.


Sorting uses the database cast function to cast the invoice number to an integer.

As you have hyphens in your numbering, this may impact how the db performs it’s sorts.

Hello again.

I duplicated the Playful template to edit it to my liking, and the header repetition is only in the Blod and Modern templates, isn’t it?

How can I make the header repeat in my template?

I added the other solution in the code, but it doesn’t repeat headers.

About the sorting, it’s curious that in the native Android app it does sort correctly but not in the web interface.

Hi @david

As I said in my last comment, I have customised the Playful template and I wanted to know how I can duplicate the header in multipage invoices or quotes.

Is it easy?


You will want to have a look at the calm design for hints on repeating headers and footers.

You will need to use thead and tfoot with your content inside tbody

Thanks for the answer but I don’t really know what to do.