Documents dont Carry over when Converting Quote to Invoice

When a customer converts a quote to an invoice I m having to Reupload the documents to the Invoice.
is there a way to have the invoice link to the quote documents or have the Documents copied to the invoice when converting?


@david can you please advise?


is this the expected functionality?

I’ve checked the v4 code, it looks like if an invoice is cloned or converted to a quote the documents are copied to the new record.

For this Client I clicked on Approve on the quote, But the same thing happens when a client clicks on approve.

This is the Converted Quote with the documents:

Here is the Invoice Created from the Conversion: (notice no documents are attached and in the client portal it also shows no documents.

If i click on the quote and select “Client Portal” i see the documents, from there if I click on View invoice there are no documents attached.


I can Manually upload the same images to the Document section on the Invoice.
and that solves the issue, but I think it should be automatic.