Docker - SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

You should be able to clear the warning by running php artisan optimize

The next version of the app has a fix for the health check.

Are you seeing an error when uploading the logo?

The warning/error still exists.

No error uploading the logo. It seems to work, but no logo is displayed.

Do you see the file in the storage/public folder?

Have you checked the logs for any errors?

Yeah, that’s probably where I got stuck.

Instead of:

      -  public:/var/www/app/public
      -  storage:/var/www/app/storage

I changed to:

      -  public:/opt/invoice-ninja-v5/public
      -  storage:/opt/invoice-ninja-v5/storage

for server & app.

So I created both folders and ran the following:

sudo docker-compose exec app php artisan storage:link
sudo docker-compose exec app php artisan optimize

But this does not work at all.
So I changed it back and I’m not sure how to bind the folder.

Hey @Dan,

The default should definitely work, that’s the whole point of Docker. I’ll check it within a short time & let you know.

Thanks for the patience.

I’m looking forward!

Hey @Dan, unfortunately, I am not able to replicate your issue. Let’s make sure there’s logo uploaded.

  1. Make sure you run unmodified docker-compose.yml (except for those you have to edit like app URL, key, etc).
  2. docker-compose exec app sh
  3. cd public/storage
  4. ls (and there you should see some random letters and numbers, that represent encrypted directory for your company).
  5. cd xxxxx
  6. ls

Now, what do you see? Is there any image file? The file ending with .png, .jpg or something else?


I checked it and everything is like you said but I can’t see any logo. Doesn’t matter which browser I use - firefox, chromium, falkon …

All right, one more thing to check.

Can you try to open developer tools in your browser & find Network tab and filter by Images. What images are loaded there? Also, check the paths.


Sorry for the delay. I was away for a couple of days.

The path is wrong. I have it running under but the logo is without the port number. When I installed it, I entered the url with the port number.

That’s totally weird then. If APP_URL is configured properly in the .env then the app is gonna use that.

One thing you might wanna try is clearing the cache:

docker-compose exec app php artisan optimize

And try clearing the cache within your app by adding ?clear_cache=true to your URL in the browser.

Yeah, I don’t know.

Everything else is under the right path with port number. Only the logo path is wrong.

Clear cache in browser and artisan optimize doesn’t work either.

Ok. I found the issue! It’s in the docker file.

The port number is missing there …

Awesome! Is everything working fine now?

I’m setting everything up right now and I haven’t noticed anything else so far.

Only a few little ones what might be possible but I couldn’t figured out right now. But I know it was possible in v 4 like list GST with 0% on the invoices.

And Health Check - Config not cached is still a “problem”. Tried artisan optimize already. But that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

A big problem is definitely that when adding new tasks and/or items to an existing invoice, they are not displayed in the pdf view.

@david can you please help with the latest reply?

Hi @ben

I’ve just updated to the latest version and it seems to work now.

Only GST with 0% doesn’t show up.

@david was there any recent change on taxes?

@Dan @hillel

We currently do not show 0% taxes, but plan to change this.

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Any news about showing 0% tax?


This is in my backlog, hopefully for the next release.

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