Docker: setup loop - db problem

I’ve installed the V5 in docker with the instruction from GitHub, but in the setup page after I hit the “Submit button” i get redirected to the setup page again.
The app logs continuously report:

SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'ninja'@'' (using password: YES)                                                               

But when I enter the info in the setup page and i hit the “Test connection” button, it says “Success!”. I’ve tried to connect to the DB (from another host) with the credential used in the setup and I can connect, select the db and show the tables.
Strange thing: if I edit the db password in the env and docker-compose (like in the file pasted down here), I can no longer login to the db.

No SSL involved.

env file:


#this is a system variable please do not remove



@david any thoughts on this one?

I can’t create this using the default docker-compose file we have.

@andre_x are you using a custom docker compose?

I’ve used the one in the GitHub page. I’ve changed a few things and it’s linked in the first post

The pastebin link is timing out for me.

I’d suggest sticking with the default compose file as we know that works, so the issue is in whatever changes you’ve made.

I’ve done a diff check and he differences are the name of the containers Me something else that is commended.
Here is the diff: