Docker-compose installation on Mac OS is not quite working

Hey, all! Like a lot of us, I’m doing some side [coding] contracts to help make ends meet and am eager to get this going so I can get paid… :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the latest/v5 with docker compose on my MBP. I’ve followed the destructions in the GitHub dockerfiles repo. I’m running Big Sur, and the latest Docker Desktop, which I’ve been using for other things

My env file has:


config/hosts has: in5.test # is the LAN address of my laptop

When I hit localhost:8003, I get the NGINX welcome page rather than IN. I’m not seeing anything helpful in the NGINX or IN/app logs.

What might be going on here? THANKS!


@david do you have any ideas?

do you have an entry in your own /etc/hosts of the domain ?

That was it.

I thought the hostname set in the config was only for internal / Docker use, so I tried to access IN via localhost:8003. I assume that NGINX didn’t find IN because the virtual host didn’t match, so it served the generic welcome page.

It’d be good to add this hint to the! :slight_smile:

Thanks, @david !