Do not mark sent/ invoice locking feature

I tried using the lock invoice on sent option but it has proven to not work with how I do things. I have an invoice auto-create for each client with a due amount of $0.01 which I update later when I know the amount due. Because it automatically marks the invoice as sent, I can’t edit it with that feature enabled.

I totally get why you would lock editing after it’s “sent” because the customer would now have the email and it would be weird/ silly to change the amount due after you’ve already sent it. In my case it does make sense. I kind of wish I could either create an invoice by cron which is marked as a DRAFT or to be able to edit sent invoices but maybe instead not be able to edit paid invoices.

Is there a setting I can adjust to accomplish either of the scenarios I’ve listed above?

Can you explain how you’re creating the invoice, if you’re using the API you can set is_public to false.