Display Profit on Dashboard / Sum up Profi in Report - V4.5.7 (selfhosted)

i am currently testing InvoiceNinja.

Is there a possibility to display the profit on dashboard, as same box as Total Revenue and Total Expenses are displayed?

and if not:
Is there a possibility to display a sum up of the profit and loss report. the result is posted monthly. it would be very nice, if the result would be posted as a sum of the whole selected period (e.g. year).

thx for a short hint.

Sorry, we don’t support customizing the dashboard.

We plan to improve it with v2 of the app.

thx for the reply.

is there also no possibility to display the sum on the reports page?

Totals Revenue Expenses Profit
Euro - 2018 12 320,19 € 0,00 € 320,19 €
Euro - 2018 11 977,80 € 100,00 € 877,80 €
Euro - 2018 10 83,30 € 0,00 € 83,30 €

Not sure I follow, there’s a ‘totals’ section at the top of the profit and loss report.


well, when i run the report i get this above the detailed results.


and it would be nice to have the totals of the complete report

Thanks, understood.

We plan on redoing the reports in v2 of the app, we’ll keep this in mind.

hi, ok thx.

what do you mean by v2 … will this be version 5 on self hosting version?

It’s a bit confusing…

We’re currently working on a brand new version of the web app. Most of our hosted users don’t know what version the app is so to make it clearer we’re calling it v2.


Many thx for the link

Sounds great :slight_smile:

You can display the profit on the dashboard using this:

Edit: Can’t add the code.


I am looking for the same. Is there anyway to see a profit dashboard like the user kairman was asking?

thanks, Bernardo.