Display discount percentage on invoice

What I want to do
I want to display the percentage of discounts in the totals on the invoice besides the discount amount. For example a line like: discount (20%): 1,234.56 $

What I tried
I tried to change the invoice template and looked for the variable for the percentage but only found the $discount variable for the whole amount.

Can someone please help me in case I’m just not able to find this variable or if there is any other way to accomplish this?



@ben any thoughts on this?

@david maybe we should add additional optional columns?

I think the right way of adding these would be custom/optional columns.

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Thanks for the quick response!

Is there anything I can do to support a possible implementation?

@david ping for this.

we should add this as a feature request on github.

If I add a discount to single items on the invoice, the discount will be shown as a column with the percentage of the discount right on the items table.

If I add a discount to the whole invoice, the discount will only be shown as the discount amount in the totals.

Maybe it might be an easier option to implement this, if there is a discount applied to the whole invoice, it will show up as percentages to the single items?

any update on this? I’d also like to show the percentage as well as the amount

We use the forum to provide support, we suggest creating issues in GitHub to track/request new features: