Display a zero price


When I add a line item that has the cost of zero -a gift for example- then the unit price of the item is not shown and the line total of the line is also not shown and it looks weird. like this photo

Could you please let me know how to make the zeros also printed in the invoice?
Thank you

@david any thoughts?


This matches v4 where we do not show the amount if it is $0, should we consider making this a configurable option?

What about only showing zero’s if either the quantity or cost is a non zero value?

Is there is any workaround that I could currently do until this is supported? we have a lot of offers that makes items for free when certain conditions apply and it will look misleading in the invoice if there is no number next to it.
thank you


Until we come up with a solution you could add a custom field to the products table with descriptors to suit.

any update on this issue?


This is available in the next release :slight_smile:

perfect, thank you so much!
could you please estimate when the next release will be?


We release to production every Sunday

thanks a lot.