Discount on app is not the same as in desktop version

When i make an offer or invoice on the desktop version and give a discount of 50% and i look up this invoice on the app… the discount is 50€

Greetz, Koen

It could be a bug, are you using the latest version of the app?

Yes, even the beta version…

The beta version is no longer being updated, I’d suggest removing it and installing the app from the app store.

Hi Hilel,

I did, ans it seems to be OK…

But the ammount wich is showed is the ammount without the discount.

The total price is correct.


I’m not sure I follow, are you able to post or send screenshots.

Yes, can i mail them?


To clarify… are you saying you updated the new version which partially fixed the issue?

Yes, the discount is correct on the total cost, but not on the item.
Screenshot send…

Thanks, understood.

We’ll work on it…

Tnx Hilel…