Disabling payment emails to client?

as title, there’s a way to do that? i only need to be able to send it manually


Which version of the app are you using?

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the docker one, just updated to 5.1.14
sorry for the missing tag

Thanks! You can disable the emails on Settings > Company Details > Defaults

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thanks so much! now i remember i enabled that when i started thinkering before the production env

one more thing regarding the Settings > Company Details section:
In the address tab i can’t remove the country field, when i click on the X to it’s right and then save, the field it’s filled with the default “United States”

regarding emails, i’ll ask another question here without opening another thread to avoid cluttering:
how can i disable the confirmatory “invoice X was sent to” emails that are sent out to my admin email everytime i mark an invoice as paid or when an invoice is sent manually to clients?

I’ll look into the country issue

You can configure your user email on Settings > User Details > Notifications

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i disabled all notification but still receive “Payment was made by” when i mark an invoice as paid

another question (can’t create another thread about right now):

how can i download bulk invoices? when i select multiple invoice, on the actions menu i can see only send, archive and delete options

If you think it’s broken feel free to report a bug:

v5 doesn’t currently support bulk downloading PDFs

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