Disable payment method for recurring invoices

Is there a way to require a certain type of payment for a recurring invoice? We would like to do them ACH only through Stripe but still have CC as an option for a standard invoice. I found this: https://github.com/invoiceninja/invoiceninja/issues/2546 which would probably suit our needs for the most part and it is marked as being active in v5 but I can’t find the setting.


In v5 you can adjust the gateways available at the client or group level. You may want to create two groups, adjust the settings for each group and then assign your clients to one of the two groups.

Ok, I see group settings and I made 2 groups. One group I set Stripe ACH only. The other group I turned on Bank Card along with ACH and it turned on for both groups and in the main settings. Am I missing something or is that not determined by the group?

Also if I leave company and invoice settings blank in a group will they just pull from the main settings?

To use this approach with groups you’d need to create two payment gateways with different configurations and make each one available to each group.

Could you please expand a little more on how to do this? Or is the instructions on this on the documentation? Say I have only Stripe, would I have to create two gateways with the same secret key or do I have to create new secret keys for each Stripe gateway?

Sorry, I don’t believe this solution is documented.

You could use two gateways in Invoice Ninja with the same set of Stripe keys.


I tried to create 2 gateways for Stripe, but it says “You have already configured a Stripe Connect account.” What is currently the best way to set it up so you can allow different payment types within Stripe for different clients?


You’ll want to archive the first stripe connect gateway, connect the second, and then restore the first stripe gateway.

this is a way around this particular issue if you want to use different settings on each gateway.

Thank you – this worked!