Disable notifications to clients


I’ve migrated my company’s self-hosted v4 invoiceninja to the new v5 version. Everything has run smoothly (great work!) but I have a question.

We aren’t using invoiceninja to its full extent, meaning that we don’t use the Clients portal for example. We manage all communications externally, we just generate quotes and invoices and manage everything manually.

In v4 I didn’t have any cron running for the site, but in v5 you need to have a cron configured for some background tasks to work. So my question is: as we have clients information on the platform (email for some of them), will invoiceninja start sending email notifications? Can I disable this for the whole site?

I’ve checked some clients and they don’t have any subscription going on, but I’m not sure on what emails/notifications the system sends.

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You can disable payment emails on Settings > Company Details > Defaults

I don’t think there’s a way to disable all emails though, @david any thoughts?

Thank you for the quick answer!

It would be useful to know which emails are being sent by the platform as I’d like to at least know about them. Although probably the options on Company Settings → Defaults will suffice as we are not using recurring payments or the likes. Just invoices, quotes, products and clients, so I understand that disabling payment receipts will be enough.

There are emails for sending invoice, quotes, etc and automated reminders

Oh, I’ve just found that you can disable reminders for all clients. I will probably need to go one by one unless there’s some method for doing that. The rest is controlled afaik.

If you don’t configure any company level reminders then you don’t need to disable them for clients, it’s meant to be used as an override.

Ah ok. Thank you very much then, I think everything’s under control!