Disable email when invoice is generated

I would ask if you can provide a solution until this will be not implemented in a future version.

I request support of this on GitHub https://github.com/invoiceninja/invoiceninja/issues/1484

There are some way to stop first invoice email when generated to the customer?
It’s very important to me not stress the person with a monthly email … customer know at the start of the month they should pay and I want alert him only when payment has been received or has not been done.

There is a way to disable first invoice email? Some suggestion? I have to edit code somewhere?

If you want to modify the code commenting out this line should prevent the cron from emailing the invoice:


Thank you
/** $this->mailer->sendInvoice($invoice); */

I hope you will soon include this fix:

I just updated Ninja and loosed the edit so again mail to customers… is an issue…

Also is not clear to me if the fix should be:

 /** if ($invoice && ! $invoice->isPaid()) {
           *$this->info('Sending Invoice');
            } */

or just this:
/** $this->mailer->sendInvoice($invoice); */

but all time an Invoice Ninja update will be done the issue will come again.

You just need to comment out the mailer->sendInvoice line.

/** $this->mailer->sendInvoice($invoice); */

should be fine?


after the edit I have now:

            if ($invoice && ! $invoice->isPaid()) {
                $this->info('Sending Invoice');
             /**   $this->mailer->sendInvoice($invoice); */

Is this fine?
I also hope a solution will be released so this avoid to have errors when Invoice Ninja is updated and if I forgot to comment this the issue come again.


I tested today this but the email with the invoice was sent to my email address I set to receive all email in ccn and was sent an alert about the invoice… so maybe also customer continue to receive it.

Not sure… did you update the app without recommenting out the code?

I commented this time.
I see also recurring invoice is not working as expected. I opened an issue about this.

So recurring invoice is not working for me also I AM unable to decide to not send every month the invoice when is generated. As is a rent of an house I need only if customer doesn’t pay the invoice than reminder are sent by email.

Seems nothing is working for now.

Please use either the forum or GitHub, I’d prefer not to have a conversation in two places at once.