Directon for Upgrading V4.5.19 to V4.5.21

Can anyone help me with directions on how to upgrade my self-hosted Invoice Ninja from V4.5.19 to V4.5.21. I used the zip file (not the Github file) for the initial installation.

Thanks, Julius


Here are the docs:

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Thanks! Just curious about this part when going from v4.5.xx to v4.5.xx:

To update the app you just need to copy over the latest code. The app tracks the current version in a file called version.txt, if it notices a change it loads /update to run the database migrations.

Would this still be true with a Softaculous upgrade? In other words, if I installed via Softaculous and upgrade via Softaculous - would it overwrite version.txt (and mess up the database update) or will it leave that file alone so things will work as planned with the database?

Not sure I understand your question, the update works correctly with Softaculous.

Okay, great to know. Thank you.

I think I was curious if I updated via Softaculous, if it would forget to update the database (if necessary) between versions.