Different views AND PDFs for recurring and finished documents

Hi there,
I have a problem with the recurring invoices because they look different than the normal ones. Also the Client`s view and PDF look different:

<li>When creating the recurring invoice the translation of :MONTH does not work (it shows english instead of german)</li>
<li>The same is in the clients portal view AND the PDF downloaded from there</li>
<li>When creating the recurring invoice the currency symbol follows after the amounts in PDF preview but in client`s portal AND the PDF downloaded from there the currency symbol stands BEFORE the amount

  • Opening the finished invoice in the invoices view :MONTH is in german and the currency symbol comes after the amounts

Please see images for details:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

I use the same Custom Layout for both recurring and normal invoices.

Is this a known issue? Does anyone else have the same problem?

Thanks for any advice!!

Images seem not to be loaded… here is another link to the images

Which version are you using?

I think part of it is related to this issue:


Hi Hillel and thanks Four your reply!
I am using invoice ninja 4.1.

Yes, the time period part is the same as you mentioned. This is very helpful.

Another question concerning Time Periods:

How can I have a Series of 3 months periods starting Nov 15 2017?

:MONTH+3 would be Feb, but I have to write :YEAR+1 in Nov.
Next period would be from feb to may where again month+3 Works fine. But the year is still the same and NOT +1.

And I prefer months as numbers instead of names. Is there a way to get months‘ numbers from :MONTH?

Thanks very much, Timo

Sorry, it isn’t currently supported

Also the invoice PDF automatically sent by mail (by cron) shows the currency symbol before the amounts.

I have checked the settings where it is set to 1.234,56 €

I asume that the PDF will be generated each time it is called. Why not saving a pdf when finishing an invoice to be sure every future access opens exactly the same pdf?

Can you provide these settings:

  • Company country (/settings/company_details) and currency (/settings/localization)
  • Client country and currency

Saving the invoice metadata uses much less space than saving the PDF.

Hi Hillel,

the country for my own company is set to Germany

The country of the client was not set. After setting it to Germany the the invoice in client portal seems to be OK at first glance. But I did not set the Country for the reason that I don`t want it to show up in the address field for clients in my country but only in foreign countries.

Maybe it makes sense to assume that a new client comes from the same country as your own company, and to set this as the default setting. Or you could set the “country” field as mandatory.

Another nice option would be the possibility to only show the country in the address field if it is different from the own country.

Here are some other things I have noticed:

On a new created invoice the country in the address field (PDF Preview at the bottom) shows “Germany” instead of “Deutschland”. This also applies to the downloaded PDF aften marking the invoice as “sent”.
In recurring invoices it`s the same in the preview but Germany is replaced with Deutschland in the final PDF sent by mail from the creation-page and in client portal preview and PDF downloaded from there.

When I use :YEAR // :YEAR+1 the variables are replaced by their values in the preview AND the form fields when saving the draft of normal invoices. This seems to be because of that`s a non-recurring invoice?

  • Agreed, in the next release we’ll change the app to use the company default.

  • The country name is a bug, to be fixed…

  • Correct, date variables are replaced when creating standard invoices.

Hi Hillel,

Thanks for your reply and considering my suggestion for the next release.

The more I am working with invoice ninja the more I like it. It`s really great work! Thank you very much!!

But again I found an inconsistency in the clients´s portal:
On the “recurring invoices” screen the time interval is shown in english instead of german. I have checked the language file where the translation is german. It seems that the portal does not pull the translation for that column…

Just in case I find other things: Is there a way to open a ticket for that (which seems easier than writing in the forum where it is fiddly to provide screenshots…

Thanks very much,

You can create issues on our GitHub project


Screenshots are very much appreciated :slight_smile: