Different settings options on the same InvoiceNinja version


I am seeing a very strange issue, wherein several options within the settings are missing, when comparing two invoiceninja instances which are on the same version (v5.5.95-W113).

For example:
Under Settings → Task Settings, one instance has “Show Tasks Table” in the first section, which the other does not, and instead the other has “Show Task Item Description” and “Allow Billable Task Items”.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

P.S - There are also other settings which have a similar mismatch, I am just stating the one that I am currently comparing. If required, I can make a more detailed list of every missing setting item.


It looks like you’re using the latest Windows desktop app with an older version of the backend app, it may help to update the backend.

Thanks @hillel
Also, is there a difference between v5.5.95-W113 and v5.5.95-C110?
What do the C and W stand for? I couldn’t find a clue about that.

W is for Windows, C is for web Client.

Those two apps are using the same version backend with different versions of the frontend. Since the backend is out of date some of the latest features may not function correctly.

Thanks a lot for all that information. That was very helpful.
I am not sure if you’re the right person to ask, but I had some queries about the (absurd) functioning of database/backups on another thread on which David was active, but hasn’t replied in a bit. If you could have a look at that, it would be great. I didn’t wanna tag you there if thats not your area of expertise, and also because you could be busy.

Sorry, I’m the frontend developer. David will need to help you.

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