Different bank accounts

Next problem. I use bank transfer for all my invoicing. I guess the only way to add a bank account to the invoice is by using custom fields. I find this very odd for an invoicing solution and would expect fields as Bank name, Bank account (IBAN) and SWIFT/BIC code to be standard. But okay, I can live with that.
However, I also use factoring for some of my customers.
This means I need to be able to use different bank information for different customers.
I thought I would be able to fix this using groups, but I don’t see how.


Groups should be a good fit for this. You could show the details on the invoice by creating a custom company multi-line text field and then configuring the values in the group’s settings. The custom company fields are shown on Settings > Company Details > Details.

You could also add a custom payment gateway to the group which would enable your clients to see the banking details when clicking pay now in the client portal.

Great! Got it to work. Thanks.