Did anyone tried this Basic Inventory


I was wondering if anyone tried this basic inventory addon for Invoice Ninja.


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Hey all,

@GerooTech did you try it?

Actually this is something I also need and imaging a lot of users.
An integration with an inventory system that will have the ability to change the stock based of the transactions.

ex. Add in stock 10 apples.
made a purchase from my supplier another 10 so the stock will auto change to 20.
sent an invoice to a client of 5 apples then the stock will change to 15.

Does anyone knows if this is possible with the above module?
Also is the above module safe? Unfortunately I do not know coding in order to test that part.

Another question would be, if no one uses this, how do you manage your stock?
Any recommendations? Preferably host-based like this one so you can access from anywhere in real-time.

Thank you all for your time.