Development of new payment modules


How one would go about creating a new payment module for Invoice Ninja?

I have already set up my Invoice Ninja installation with Paypal and the custom gateway option (which simply displays my bank account information). But I would like to integrate a brazilian payment processor called IUGU. IUGU implements a popular payment method in Brazil called ‘boleto’, which one then prints and go to a bank or banking correspondent to make the payment.

I know this payment method does not make much sense to people outside Brazil but it is still very, very popular, so I really need it :smiley:

They already have a fully documented API and ready-to-use modules for ecommerce platforms such as Woocommerce and Opencart. I would love to try and integrate this in Invoice Ninja, as that would allow my clients to generate their own boletos. Currently, I have to generate these manually.

If developing a new module is hard or impossible, I think I could subtitute this for the custom gateway option but only if it could use HTML mark-up and dynamic variables, so I could then create a GENERATE BOLETO button which would redirect to an URL such as…

Also, if some freelancer is reading this, I’m willing to pay for development. Just get in touch.

You can add a payment gateway by finding/creating an Omnipay driver.

You can submit a request here for custom development work.

I’ll take a look at Omnipay first. Looks good.

How did this work out for you? I also have a similar task and would like to find out more about implementation via a module approach

I’m a freelancer maybe I can help I also developed a Payment Gateway using Omnipay library for invoice ninja

Hey icecappacino

Haven’t progressed so far. I took a quick look at Omnipay but I didn’t dive too deep. I am, however, looking for this integration. In Brazil we use ‘boletos’ a lot.

I have a similar situation in which I have developed a custom payment gateway for my country which is exclusive for my country as well. I have successfully integrated the gateway and I’m now trying to find a more “suitable” way of installation.

Perhaps I can help you with your task. my email is my website is and my linked in is Feel free to contact me as I am also looking to develop other useful stuff for invoice ninja