Desperately Seeking - Custom Templates for Initial Quote

We send quotes for various services with attached documents…

We need to be able to create multiple custom initial email templates for different types of quotes.

Instead of the standard “Initial Email” Quote that it selects by default, we need an option to be able to use a custom Template that we previously created, named, and saved. We could customize the default template and save as the “Default” but we send various types of quotes, for various services.

For example, VoIP Quote:


Here is your 2-part [BRAND OF VoIP] Implementation Proposal.

Click the button below to view both attached documents:

  • [BRAND OF VoIP] Service Agreement
  • [OurCompany]'s Implementation Agreement


Best Regards,

The app supports creating up to 3 custom email templates


Settings > Templates and Reminders

You can re-purpose the reminder templates as custom quote templates.

Yes I see we can customize the reminders, thank you. Although, we find that the reminder templates work fantastic as reminders and we really don’t want to do away with any of those.

We need the ability to add custom templates that aren’t reminders.

Sorry, that isn’t currently supported

Will it be supported in the future?

Sorry, we don’t have immediate plans to add it

Feel free to post a feature request on our GitHub repo:

Looks like it has already been requested last year. I posted on that thread as well.
Hope it’s able to be added.