Design Problems with v5 on Hosted

I followed the instructions and migrated from V4 to V5 (but after the following issues, I’m sticking w/V4 for now…)

The instructions aren’t complete. You can’t login via Google and have to reset your password so you can login via email.

They tell you to login to your v4 site to start the migration, and while the link has the proper options in the URL, they don’t list them on the page.

When the migration is over you’ll have at least TWO companies. The empty one from setting up v5 and the migrated one. Delete the empty one.

On to my real issues…

The invoice screen (for a single invoice) is horrible. v4’s screen was intuitive and easy to read. Now everything is in white blocks that aren’t aligned on a white background. No color cues at all. The PDF no longer shows below, but you have to click a button to make it popup.

The list of invoices isn’t bad at all. A lot of changes, including the custom columns I’ve been waiting for, but again the color cues are missing. It’s just white on white mostly.

Recurring Invoices - same problems - but I do love being able to change the Next Send Date.

Guys, how hard would it be to fix all this?


Do you mean the edit invoice screen? The v5 layout is based on the v4 layout. In v5 we added a view preview but this didn’t exist in v4.

You can add color to the header by setting a color on Settings > User Details or change to the dark mode on Settings > Device Settings.

In v4 we used a client-side JavaScript based PDF solution which was fast to render but hard to customize, in v5 we’ve changed to a server-side HTML/CSS solution.

cc @david

Yes. The Edit Invoice Screen.

I tried the User Details but when I save I get this error: 412: Invalid Password and there’s only an option to set the accent color anyways. No header color. The dark theme has the same problem, but just with a dark theme.

Compare V5 -
to V4 -

And you see in V5 where the PDF isn’t show on the Edit Invoice Screen.

Here’s a visual annotation showing the problems with the list of invoices screen -

In v5 the PDF preview is no longer supported, the reasoning is explained above.

v5 is not an exact replica of v4, there are some design changes.

Actually you mentioned the differences on PDF generation but I have no idea why you removed the preview.

Obviously you’ve changed the design, I’m just stating that, at least for me, it’s far more difficult to use now. I suspect others might agree.

In v4 the PDF was created in the browser so we could show it as it was being created, in v5 the PDF is created by the sever so we can only show it once it’s complete.

Thanks - that makes more sense.

Could we get some options to let us, as users, set these colors for headers/alternate rows/etc? Even just a CSS section we could set up?

That’s a good suggestion, do you want to create an issue on the GitHub repo to track the request?

Note: the app is built with Dart/Flutter, this enables us to build mobile, web and desktop apps with one codebase. CSS wouldn’t work but we should be able to find a simple solution.

Done! And thanks for suggesting this. Any idea when such a solution might appear, if it does?

Sorry, we aren’t able to provide ETAs for future features.

We try to prioritize work based on the number of up-votes.