Delivery Receipts For Email

Hi guys - I recently had an issue with email not sending, which was resolved. However many of the invoices that were emailed subsequently had to be resent.

Is there any way I could implement a delivery receipt notification? - Would offer some peace of mind that email is actually delivered successfully to clients.

Many thanks

We support tracking when the email is opened with Postmark.

I’ve setup a Postmark account now - and have made the modifications to the settings as outlined in your guide.

In my .env I have commented out all mail related lines, except for MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS= and POSTMARK_API_TOKEN= - however it doesn’t work - no email is sent and the logs show

production.ERROR: PhantomJS - Invalid response: {“message”:"Error extracting userRequest. ",“statusCode”:400}

Many thanks

Apologies - Cleaned the log and here’s the actual error…

[2017-07-22 17:16:53] production.ERROR: ErrorException [0] : /var/www/ninja/app/Ninja/Mailers/Mailer.php [Line 105] => Undefined property: stdClass::$MessageID {“context”:“PHP”,“user_id”:1,“account_id”:1,“user_name”:“David Gregson”

Can you check that open tracking is enabled in Postmark

Yep - Already enabled.

Also ensured my URL is correct as per :-

In your Postmark account settings make sure ‘Open tracking’ is enabled and enter the following values under Settings > Outbound.

Bounce webhook:
Open webhook:

I presume the Postmark API in my .env should be set to to the Postmark server API? - I’ve tried using both server and account API keys - no difference however.

I’ve commented out all ‘mail related’ settings in .env… a tad vague though, which settings specifically?

Many thanks

Should this setting be disabled in the Postmark outbound settings?

Send emails using our SMTP Servers instead of our REST API.

Also - I have not configured a delivery webhook URL - no mention of this being needed.


Is the email sent? The line of code is failing because the response doesn’t include MessageID, enabling the feature with Postmark should cause the value to be returned.

The mail settings all start with ‘MAIL_’.

No - The email isn’t sent. If I check the status in Postmark for sent emails nothing is displayed either.

Which option are you referring to in Postmark?

All the MAIL_ are commented out already…

“Which option are you referring to in Postmark?”

Open Tracking:

The error above is in the success handler so I would assume it was being sent, you can try commenting out the line to see if it helps.

Open tracking has been enabled from the start… the email never reaches the recipients. If I switch back to normal SMTP in my .env, email works again - just refuses to with Postmark.

I presume gmail addresses are supported?

I’m not sure then, the email domain shouldn’t matter.