Delivery note the same as invoice

Hi on v5.3.64-C76 I still get the invoice PDF when I select the delivery note. Also, there is no way of changing the layout of the delivery note. Only the invoice can be edited.
Anyone else facing this issue?


The delivery note is the same as the invoice just without pricing information.

The app doesn’t currently support customizing the delivery note designs.

Hi, I mean they are literally the same. The title is even invoice, not delivery note and the pricing info is still there. There is visibly no difference. I had it since my upgrade from version 4. Could it be an template issue?

@david do you have any thoughts what could cause this?

Not sure if this should be an add-on here, elsewhere, or a new topic.

As others reported, I used to see an edit option (HTML code) for the delivery note. This was rather cumbersome, since the preview pane was not working. I’m not sure whether the v.4 list of dropdown invoice elements to insert was there or not.

What I’m seeing now is a preview pane of sorts that is uneditable.

It’s as if we’re getting serial hints of the v.4 functionality, but never jam today.

I’m talking about what I think of and recall as the Cover Letter, which may not be the same as the Delivery Note? It pops up, in one dysfunctional form or another, upon selecting Mail Invoice. (By the way, I’m not self-hosted, so maybe I just wandered/blundered into the wrong thread.)