Delivery note template edit?


I just found Delivery Note option in VIEW PDF. Very good!

First it doesn’t seem to take DELIVERY NOTE from texts.php tanslation. Second, is there a option to edit the template for Delivery note? I might want to add some lines for date of pickup, client signature in the bottom, and remove some elements, such as QR code, date of invoice, Due invoice, Date of service…

Thank you



Currently unable to edit the delivery note template.

In our backlog of work we are planning to revamp the entire invoice designer, as part of this we’ll also consider breaking out the delivery note into its own template.

Thank you for your reply David.

Deliver Note is a great and very much needed feature. I believe it deserves it’s own template, custom fields like Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders…, and of course the ability to upload a scan of the signed delivery note.