deleting invoices

Hi thank you for the excellent software, I am using the self-hosted version and have a few questions:

Is it possible to permantly delete invoices? If not will deleting/editing items in an invoice leave any trails? e.g. If an invoice was originally with 5 items a total of $69 and deleting some items makes it $30 could I find the previous total amount?

Is it possible to disable client portal? My usecase is for generating invoices and manageing clients and their purchases/payments none of my clients will ever use the portal, we only accept CASH or BANK TRANSFER.

Is it possible to delete the payment types e.g. Cash/Card/AMEX/Bitcoin etc


Yes, you can either purge a client (which will permanently delete all of their invoices) or purge your data (which will permanently delete all invoices).

The portal can be disabled on Settings > Client Portal > Navigation.

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Hi thank you for the prompt reply.
Wihout purging I take it there isn’t a way to delete single invoices? Does editing an invoice overwrite previous invoice? Or will it leave a trail in the database?

Is a side-effect of disabling client-portal that I am no longer able to view all invoices for a client, like one found on https://…/public/client/invoices or is there a way to view this even if I disable the portal?

Thanks again.

When you change an invoice the app keeps track of each version.

I believe that section would be disabled.