delete a previous invoice

first of all, I would like to thank you for the GREAT work you are doing !
I have a little issue :
I created an invoice with a specific number which I later deleted.
I wanted to edit a new invoice with the same number but it was impossible.
Is there a way to delete the invoice permanently from the system ?
Thanks a lot for your help.

ps : by the way, I can translate in French and in Dutch if needed. I have to invoice to several languages so…

In our next version we’re planning on supporting un-delete so you can restore the invoice and remove the old invoice number.

For now you’d need to manually update the database.

update invoices set invoice_number = null where id =

We don’t delete records to ensure referential integrity, it’s possible in the future we’ll support deleting invoices which are still in draft.

If you could help with the translations that’d be great!

Thanks for your answer.
I’m really not the king as it comes to mysql database editing …
I tried to use mysql workbench on ubuntu, I found the query “invoice_number” but I could not modify anything as it appears to be read-only. I tried with the root account aswel. I then update the user permission on the ninja user but still didn’t get any luck …
Could you please help ?
Thanks in advance.

Can you try running the query directly as the root user, that should help eliminate any permissions problems.

If you’re running a query directly against the database you may want to (a) make a backup first (b) triple-check that you have ‘where id…’ at the end.