Delete a line in the emails sent to customers

Dear Team,
We bought the white label (Invoice 6306) to remove the logo.
We noticed that there is a line at the end of the emails sent:
Created by Invoice Ninja | Create. Send. Get paid.
how can we remove that or edit it please?
We uses self-hosting and latest version.
Thank you.

Are you seeing the message in emails sent after applying the license?

I’m assuming the license was successfully applied and our logo is no longer shown on the PDF.

I just noticed that my colleague didn’t apply the licence key which i have just done!
I will let you know the result by testing it.
Thank you.

Great, that should hopefully fix it.

If you white label the app your clients should never see our brand.

thank you very much.
Do you think that if we need help it is better to contact you form the contact us icon in our site better than oepning topics here?

You’re welcome to do either.

If you post you question here our responses will be shared, other people may join in to help but you need to make sure not to share any sensitive info.

If you contact us through the app the conversation is private. The message to us will also include recent errors and debug info which may help us track down any problems.