Default tax not showing

On I use line item taxes, not per invoice tax, and previously each line item would already have the tax applied (not labor items). Now I have to manually pick the tax for each item.

If I edit the item on the Products page, the correct tax is set there.

For a while every line I entered would already have the tax applied correctly. Now I manually set tax on each item, save the invoice, create a new invoice, and the same item has blank tax again.

on new invoice:


@david @ben any thoughts?

Product taxes are assigned to line items.

Default taxes are assign to the invoice total taxes.

Yes, I think my settings have the correct Line Item tax rate enabled, and at one point it was doing exactly what I expected, not sure if it was based on last used behavior, ie last time I added that product with tax, so next time it will have tax. So that every time I added an item the tax was already applied on that line, it gets tedious when you have several items on an invoice… some get missed and the invoice gets sent with wrong tax collection.


It sounds like you previously had update products turned on.

This would have updated the product description and also the default taxes for the product.

Yes, I have that set, but it doesnt save the tax selection for next time, just the last price and description edits-

If “Invoice Tax Rates” is not disabled the products’ tax rates are set automatically - seems to be a bug.

If you think there’s a bug in the app feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

The Android app does not show this behaviour, i.e., the tax rate is automatically set for the selected product.