Default project for tasks, user assignment based on current login?

It would be really nice if you could set a default project per customer. In my case, this would save me so many drop down menus each day. Most of my customers only have one project. Yet, in order for things to make sense, I have to keep choosing the only project that exists manually. Is there any way currently to pre-select?

Also - v4 used to auto select the user based on who was logged in. Now I have to manually choose who is working, even though i have to assume Ninja already knows who I am based on my login. Is there any way to replicate the behavior of v4, where it would automatically log tasks as the person currently logged in?


Feel free to create an issue here: Issues · invoiceninja/admin-portal · GitHub

In v4 a record only had one user field, in v5 all records have both a created by field (which is the logged in user) and an assigned to user (which can be manually assigned).

Ah OK.
In that case, the “assigned to” user can remain blank, as it would not affect time tracking - hours worked by each logged in user.

Yes, that is correct