Default payment terms for partial payment


I’ve set up invoice and quotes to be valid for Net 7, and I’d like to setup partial payments to automatically be valid for Net 7 as well. Is there a way to accomplish this? Or do I need to set the date manually every time for partial payments?



I’m not sure if this is supported, @david can you please advise?

This is an interesting one, I have not tested this scenario yet.

@cazagomis in the next release we set the partial due date based on the payment terms. Note this only works if a partial date is not yet set.

I have a library of “archived” quotes that I use to quickly generate new quotes (“clone to quote” function).

When I do this, it automatically sets the partial due date to whatever was listed for the original quote, which may be months prior to the current date.

It would be nice if I could clone a quote and have both due date and partial due date set by default

The partial due date should be cleared when cloning, we’ll make sure this is corrected.