Default (bright) mail design borked?

While I don’t fancy the default dark mail template, I’d like to use the bright one, but it seems to be kinda borked for me. It seems to be even darker than the dark one, with an even darker font making it practically unreadable.

See screenshots:

Bright template:

Dark template:

Version. 5.5.124-C118 (the info button in the React app does not show the version btw., I had to jump back to the Flutter one for this. Or is the version info placed somewhere else in the React app?)


If you’re using dark mode in the browser it can effect the display in the app, have you tried sending a test email to check how it looks? We’ll look into correcting this.

@david can you please advise on the version in the React app.

Thanks for the quick reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

While these screenshots are from within the web interface, the mail looks pretty much exactly the same.

We see this when the browser forces darkmode, it overrides everything essentially.

Thanks for the reply - it seems indeed that my browsers as well as all my mail clients seem to (poorly) override the design in dark mode, thus making the mails pretty much unreadable in the bright design.